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Your thoughts create your reality. Your brain transmits your thoughts to your vital organs. Bad thoughts = bad feelings and possible bad health. Good thoughts = good feelings and possible good health.


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Christmas Has Its Cradle, Easter Has Its Cross


I found this to be inspiring and very beautiful.

Originally posted on Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts:

One of my most favorite hymns is “Christmas Has It’s Cradle, Easter Has It’s Cross” by Rae E. Whitney.  Although probably sung most often at Christmas than at Easter, I think it is a hymn that is equally appropriate for both celebrations.  After all, the hymn’s lyrics link Christmas with Easter.  Without Christmas there would be no Easter.    The two most important celebrations in Christian history are inseparably linked together, all part of God’s perfect plan to redeem the world.

Christmas has its cradle, where a Baby cried; did the lantern’s shadow show him crucified?

Did he foresee darkly His life’s willing loss?

Christmas has its cradle and Easter has its cross.

Christmas has its cradle; shepherds came to see, Little Son of Mary, Lamb of God to be 

Had His Father warned Him, none would grant Him room, save in the Christmas cradle and in the Easter tomb?

Christmas has its cradle, wise…

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Juicing based on Health Conditions


I found this site helpful and full of great information.

Originally posted on juicing4crohns:

Juicing based on Health Conditions

Click the link above!! This is a website that I use to search for juice recipes that help with certain health conditions.  Just click on the condition that you would like to target, and it links you with juice combinations that address your health ailment.  You can also learn about the juice by clicking on it and then clicking on the benefits and conditions tabs.  You can look off to the right side of the screen and look at the nutrition information as well.  You may notice many of the same drinks pop up on all different health conditions.  This is not accident because these combinations help your overall body for every health problem!! If you focus on detoxification, it might just heal any problem that you have. 

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Ability vs Dependability

“Ability is Important – Dependability is Critical” Zig Ziglar

“In any crisis or emergency, those with whom we deal, and on whom our health, wealth and happiness depends, will act more readily, and cooperate more completely, if our credibility is beyond question.”  See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar

This is a great book that I have read 3 times. It is worth the read.

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What People Miss

In this post I want to talk about opportunities that are out there but we ignore them. Many opportunities will cross your path daily. We look at them and move on. How many did you let go? How many could have made you money or given you what you desired. If you are focused on money you could be throwing opportunities to the wind. Thinking and doing are 2 very different things. The process goes like this.

1. Think – Think about what you want.

2. Emotion – An emotion is created from that thought.

3. Look – Because of the emotion you look for something that will create the emotion.

4. Create - You then desire to create that in your life which mimics the emotion.

5. Know – In this phase you have found and mastered a process of system that gives you what you want.

Bottom line most do not get past the emotion phase of the process. Negative thinking or old programs start running and we give up before we get started thus ignoring great opportunities. Don’t let that be you. Go for your dreams. Investigate those strange opportunities that just happen to appear. Below I will divulged one of those opportunities. The training provided within is centered around a step-by-step method that if you follow it, you will succeed. I have been using the Think, Emote, Look, Create, Know method for years and have never failed with it.


Your Attitude

A positive attitude can’t make you do anything, but it will make you do everything better than with a negative attitude.

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The Journey

Success is a journey not a destination. Success always builds upon itself. That is why it is a constant journey. When you find what works you refine the steps and continue. Always follow your bliss and keep your journey positive. This will yield positive results.

Your Future, Your Success, Your Decision

Fortune 500 companies, like Netflix and DirecTv, make millions off of network Marketing and so should you. They’ve adopted the network marketing business model to save millions on useless advertising and to pass the profits onto you, the consumer who “refers a friend”.

Brain Abundance is the first health company to offer a complete supplement for the brain, called Brain Fuel Plus. It’s helping people sleep better, focus better; it’s even helping children with ADD and Seniors with Alzheimer’s. They need people like you to spread the word and benefit from the product.

Q: Is this one of those pyramid schemes?

A: No, the FTC defines a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ as a company who solely recruits for money. Brain Abundance has a FDA-approved product.

Q: I really don’t have the time. . .

A: Brain Abundance understands this. That’s why they have the best automated email systems that practically builds your company for you. Just lead people to the opportunity and they’ll do the rest.

Q: How much is it?

A: The prices are listed below. When you start getting team members under you it will easily compensate the purchase of a bottle(s). Plus, there’s no limit on how much you can earn.

Imagine quitting your day job and walking onto that car lot to pick out your car, or going into a realtor’s office with your new house proposal. Dreams do come true if you work for them.

Imagine not setting your alarm and waking up to discover there’s nobody on your schedule but YOU.

**This is not for people who want to keep their 30 year occupation and steady income.

Buy 1 Bottle of Brain Fuel Plus: $59 plus handling, one-time $20 for your website & tools.

Buy 3 Bottles: $129, one-time $20 for your website & marketing tools. Earning potential 10k a month.

Buy 6 Bottles: $199.70, one-time $20 for your marketing tools. $50,000+/mo. Earning potential.




“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dare believe something inside them was superior to circumstance.”

Bruce Barton

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10 Second Miracle

The 10 second miracle will take place when you take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

Don’t blame others for what is happening in your life.

You are in control.

You create everything in your life.

Change the way you think and take control.


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